Bye for now!

Hey guys!IMG_5136

I can’t believe it but it has already been nearly 7 months with this blog. I guess it’s true that time flies by when your having fun!

If you have read the ‘About’ section of my blog (which I suggest you do) you would be aware that this blog is a part of my Personal Project at school. The Personal Project requires each student to plan, create and write about a product that they have made over the course of 10 months. So, as you may have guessed, this blog is my product.

Sadly, I am up to the report stage of the project, which means I am no longer able to post anything on my blog, as I have already stretched it out longer than I had originally planned!

But never fear, I will be back soon….probably in a couple of months. I am already brainstorming potential recipe ideas! I have had so much fun creating this blog that I am super excited to say that I am going to continue on with this blog once I am finished with my Personal Project. It’s amazing to look back over the past 7 or so months and see how much I have accomplished; I have made so many new friends, developed new skills, jumped out of my comfort zone, learnt so many new things and most importantly, enjoyed myself!

I am so grateful to every single one of you who have either followed my blog religiously or just simply scrolled through the pages when you were bored. You guys are the ones who made this blog happen in the first place! I would also like to thank all the other blogs I follow for giving me lots of inspiration for my own meals….I do enjoy salivating over my laptop screen!!

I also hope that you guys have learnt things that you may not have known before from my blog, as well as gained inspiration, or simply laughed at one of my stupid jokes!

If you would still like to keep up with my daily food adventures, then never fear, I will be regularly updating my Instagram page:

For now, have a good week and I will see you in a couple of weeks!


Tanisha xx


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