2015 Bankwest Gallipoli Run + Sayers Sister

So very early this morning was the annual Bankwest Gallipoli Run (those of you from W.A will know what I’m talking about, hopefully). And as we have done the past 3 or so years, my family and I ventured down to the picturesque Kings Park in the early hours of the morning.

Now I am usually an early riser but when it comes to fun runs I don’t want to wake up at 5:00 o’clock in the morning for a 7 o’clock start, just so I can run a brisk 5 kms. However, that is my only complaint for the event though. No, I will not be ranting too much today.

This year was the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli so the organisers changed it up a little. And man, am I glad they did. You see, in the previous years this run used to only be 4 kms. Nothing wrong with that. But this year they changed the course so that instead of running up and down the same boring old footpath, we had the privilege of running along a road that had the most amazing views of the Swan River. Yep, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Now this change was probably the best idea the organisers have ever had, because, in the past, my mum would continue to repeat over and over how much she hated the Gallipoli Run because “it was so boring” for the next five days after the run. We would never hear the end of it. And then, a year later, when the time of the year came around to register for the run she would still do the race despite her many (many) complaints about it. Oh the joy!

But this year was a different story. We still had our pre-race complaints (we can deal with that) but after the race all we heard for the next few hours was how much she loved it and, let me tell you, it is far more pleasant than in previous years.

Even better, I got over a minute PB. A couple of weeks ago I did a Park Run down south and I got 20:45 minutes but today I notched up a 19:20 – if my calculations are correct. The only bad thing about this run (other than the early start) is (and always has been) the start of it. For probably the first 400 metres we are forced to run up a very long hill. It’s not that it’s a particularly steep hill it’s just that after the first 400 metres we turn a corner and, yet again, we are put into the punishing task of running up (or trying to, should I say) an even longer gradual hill for the next kilometer or so. Great. But wait, once you think you can’t make it any further you are blessed with a short (but sweet) down hill. Yayyyy!!

I’m normally not affected with this hill at the start but today I felt it. And I felt it bad. I had a reasonably good start but it was like my legs just didn’t want to go anywhere. To put it simple; they were just heavy. But, near the end of the hill I had a breakthrough and kicked into top gear for the next 4 or so kilometers left.

Sayers Sister:

My family and friends have this sort of tradition going. After all the major fun runs (City to Surf, Run for a Reason, and yours truly) we go to a café afterwards for brunch. So far the highlights have definitely been Sayers, Mrs S, Fortysevenkirwanstreet and the Tuck Shop Café. My mum and I are always in charge of finding the location so this time we chose Sayers Sister and, boy, was it a good choice.

Sayers Sister is situated in a quiet street in Northbridge, and is quite literally, the sister café to the Leederville precinct, Sayers. Both of these cafes have the same irresistible menu that makes it so hard to choose between the beautifully prepared meals, but Sayers Sister is now the only one still owned by the original owners, Mark and Stephanie Sayers, which makes it even more special.

I had quite a hard time trying to pick an item off the menu, as did the rest of my companions. I was bustling between the granola, bean tagine, potato rosti and the vegetarian full breakfast but eventually decided on the bean tagine: coriander and cumin beans tagine, babaganoush, poached egg, toasted linseed. It was really nice and super comforting on this chilly morning. The beans were piping hot – as in, temperature – and heavily flavoured with just the right amount of spice. The egg was poached perfectly and the babaganoush and toast were delightful accompaniments to the beans. Same was to say about all the other dishes ordered. It was definitely a hit!

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 12.01.38 PM

The menu

This quirky little café has such a great ambience to it, and all the staff are very accommodating and friendly. Not to mention the chairs inside, which are more like thrones but are oh so comfy. And the cakes, oh the cakes. They looked magnificent and were super hard to resist. I would highly recommend this funky café to anyone and everyone, and have nothing but rave reviews to offer.


The bean tagine


The bruschetta


The waffles


The full breakfast


The bruschetta with gluten-free bread


Tanisha xx


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