Overview of Athletics States 2015


What a great view! It doesn’t get much better than this!

Hi everyone,

"Athletics meet held on 6 February 2015"

Loving the facials!

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this post be prepared for the funniest photo’s of me running you will ever see. No joke, some of the faces I’m pulling are hilarious. Just look at this one. I look like I’m constipated!!

Anyway, so far you may have come to notice that I haven’t really posted much about my running but I have been very busy over the past couple of weeks with states for seniors athletics so I felt now was a good time to do so. This year was probably my most successful states so far and I am extremely proud of how far I’ve come so I thought I’d give you a little of a run down on how I went.


That’s me at the back of the pack at the start of the 1500 meters. I had a bit of a slow start but I managed to catch up quite a few places throughout the run.

The state champs were held over three separate day; Friday and Saturday last week and Friday this week. On the first Friday I competed in the 1500ms and 400m hurdles of which I got PB’s! I was absolutely over the moon with my 1500m time because, firstly it was a 10 second PB (yayyy!!) and secondly, I finally broke the 5 minute barrier with a time of 4.54 minutes, which I have been trying to do for about 2 years (haha), and I also got a bronze medal too.Then, about an hour later I followed that up with another 1 second PB in the 400m hurdles and a national qualifier time. I just missed out on getting a medal by one place but I was still happy because I was pretty exhausted after have to run the 400m hurdles 1.5 times. You see, they started our race a little too early and once everyone had almost gotten around to the 200m mark we realised there were no hurdles!! The poor guy who had the hurdle trolley fell over on the track in the midst of trying to get them out of the way. So it was a pretty eventful night with one of the electricity boxes going up in flames and the firefighters having to be called. There ended up being 3 firetrucks for a tiny box (figure that one out). So I went to bed that night with a lot going on in my head but excited about what I could do tomorrow.


I am on the right, receiving my medal for my 3kms

The next day I had my 3km race, which I got a 6 second PB and a silver medal too. I was feeling a bit tight in my quads from the night before but I managed to push my way through it, probably thanks to my 2xu pants that I wore overnight. Seriously guys, those pants work wonders; I went from being super sore to only mildly sore overnight. I was a little bit annoyed though, because I was only 2 seconds off the national qualifier time of 11 minutes but I will still be able to do it at Nationals because I medalled at states.

So back to school it was the next week on Tuesday and as usual I was bombarded with a whole heap of homework and notices about various events throughout the year. I managed to make it through the week though, but was feeling pretty tired on Friday night before my 2km steeplechase and 800 meters (which is pretty evident in the photos haha). But despite all this I managed a PB (could have been anywhere between 5-10 second PB, not really sure) and a silver medal. Then I proceeded to do the 800m (who knows why) and that was real struggle town. Before I even finished the first lap I was having thoughts about just pulling out but I kept going and finished the race roughly 20 seconds slower then my PB.

"Athletics meet held on 6 February 2015"

Watch my facial expressions for each photo, they’re pretty funny. I am the blond one on the far left by the way.

"Athletics meet held on 6 February 2015""Athletics meet held on 6 February 2015""Athletics meet held on 6 February 2015"So I guess you could say I learnt a few things over the past couple of weeks. One being, don’t pull funny faces when you’re running because the photographer will always get a photo of them, and two being, never do a 2km steeplechase and 800 meters back to back.

Now I just have to get back into training hard because Nationals is in a month, which I am super excited about because it is in Sydney again.

"Athletics meet held on 6 February 2015"

One of the few photos where I am not pulling a funny face!

For the mean time,

Lots of love,

Tanisha xx

P.S: a very big thank you to http://www.metrophoto.com.au/ for providing everyone with top quality photos that are FREE!!! (I know, even better).


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